CHT IPv6 Day

HiNet, ISP of CHT (Chunghwa Telecom, NYSE:CHT), the biggest ISP in Taiwan, is happy to join Google, Yahoo, Facebook and the other world IPv6 pioneers in this World IPv6 Launch on June 6 after the success of World IPv6 Day in 2011.

CHT has been active in IPv6 standards activities in Taiwan starting from 1990’s when the IETF first published its IPv6 related RFCs. CHT’s R&D research institute, known as CHT-TL, has proudly became 6Bone backbone site(CHT-TL is the only backbone site in Taiwan providing 6Bone connecting with the global 6Bone 55 backbone sites) in Feb 1999. HiNet is also the first ISP to obtain production IPv6 address (2001:238::/35) from APNIC(Asia Pacific Network Information Center) way back in 2000 and started field trial for IPv6 production services in 2001. In November 2002, HiNet even provided free IPv6 traffic exchange (TWIXv6) for other Taiwan ISP operators. HiNet, working closely with technical support from CHT-TL, is committed to providing IPv6 services in Taiwan to join Taiwan government’s efforts promoting IPv6, the next generation, and to prepare and educate the general public, especially the Taiwan ICT products related sectors, for the IPv4 address exhaustion problem and the transition technical challenges when Internet has become instrumental for Taiwan’s continued economy growth.

HiNet and CHT-TL jointly participated in e-Taiwan Project to construct backbone network Infrastructure (IPv6 backbone streaming media delivery project) in 2003 and 2004.

In 2005 and 2006, HiNet and CHT-TL joined government research and development efforts again providing IPv6 commercial network trials and participated in the TWNIC (Taiwan Network Information Center) IPv6 demo sites projects in Taiwan. In 2007 Hinet provided IPv6 Tunnel broker services to the IPv6 stakeholders for government IPv6 project.

HiNet began to provide IPv6/IPv4 dual stack trial in some CHT FTTx sites in March 2008 and in December 2009 HiNet started FTTx IPv6/IPv4 dual stack deployment in most POPs and provided trial services for CHT employees. HiNet launched dual stack service with FTTx access to customers on Aug 30th 2011 providing free IPv6 capability to its FTTX access subscribers.

HiNet’s IPv6 website ( has proudly obtained IPv6 Enabled ISP Logo from IPv6 Ready Logo programs ( in February 2010, the first ISP to achieve such honor in Taiwan. HiNet and CHT-TL proudly received the honors of IPv6 Pioneer and IPv6 Promotion Contribution Award from TWNIC in 2010 Global IPv6 Summit in Taiwan.

HiNet is committed to smooth Internet services IPv4/IPv6 migration for our customers. HiNet will launch more IPv6 services and application when IPv6 world is finally here.

HiNet is IPv6 ready and we hope that you are also IPv6 ready. Come experience HiNet’s IPv6 free video channel (

For more CHT IPv6 Services, please check the following URLs:

1. HiNet IPv6 services ( including IPv6 Tunnel Service, IPv6 TWIX Service, IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack Service, IPv6 Tunnel Broker Service, )

2. CHT-TL IPv6 Testing Lab ( )

3. CHT's smart energy saving and monitoring solution, IPv6 iEN (Intelligent Energy Network), is under planning. ( )

4. CHT's IPv6 VRS, video surveillance service, will be available soon ( )

About Chunghwa Telecom
Chunghwa Telecom (TAIEX: 2412, NYSE: CHT) is the leading telecom service provider in Taiwan. Chunghwa Telecom provides fixed line, mobile and Internet and data services to residential and business customers in Taiwan.

About HiNet
ISP of CHT is the biggest ISP in Taiwan providing web hosting, VPN and cloud services to the local Internet communities and users.

About CHT-TL IPv6 Testing Lab
CHT-TL (Chunghwa Telecom Laboratories, the R&D lab under Chunghwa Telecom) IPv6 Testing Lab launched its IPv6 testing services in 2003 and is the only IPv6 Testing Lab in Taiwan. For more, please visit and

About IPv6
The current IP is IPv4 which is expected to experience the exhaustion crisis in 2011. IPv6, the next generation IP protocol, is designed specifically to overcome the IPv4 address insufficiency problem. Major countries and governments and ISPs have been working for this IPv4 to IPv6 transition challenges.